KLOTZ Titanium Walnut Supreme Guitar Cable


Ultra-low capacitance (75 pF/m)

  • ultra-dynamic, quick response, superb attention to detail and authentic transient response
  • no distortion, delivers superbly balanced sound
  • very low capacitance of 75 pF/m

5-year warranty.


Music Access is an Official Authorised Dealer for the German 🇩🇪 brand Klotz.

  • no phasing, ultra-low signal compression
  • additional insulation layer eliminates microphonics
  • unique patented cable design
  • for guitar and bass on stage and in the studio
  • extra classy variant with laser-engraved walnut connector sleeves in satin finish and gold contacts

Already the reference cable in the high-end instrument and microphone cable category, KLOTZ TITANIUM is now available in a further advanced model.

Brushing aside all the voodoo talk around cables, the TITANIUM Series has established a firm position on the market as the ultimate high-end cable.

Cables from the series have been inspiring musicians and sound engineers on stage and in the studio for ten years.

Handmade in Germany is a seal of excellence that stands for carefully selected materials, fine craftsmanship and strict quality control to the highest standards.

The TITANIUM’s revolutionary design is naturally patent-protected, allowing KLOTZ to grant a lifetime warranty (after registration) on this exceptional cable.

In these high-end cables, subsonic noise, microphonics, static and motion noise are virtually eliminated while signals are transmitted with extraordinary clarity and fidelity.

Artists including Steven Wilson, Uli Jon Roth, Nathan East and Melody Gardot are already dedicated fans.


series TITANUM
category supreme guitar, ultra low capacitance


shielding double screened cable, ultra-fine copper spiral shield < 95%, separating layer for signal compression and conductive plastic
jacket PVC


connector 1 jack 2p. 6.35 mm
contact 1 gold-plated
connector 2 jack 2p. 6.35 mm
contact 2 gold-plated

1.5m, 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 9m